Adding the Media Library to Finder

As a developer, I want to be able to do my job quickly and efficiently. When we learn about the Finder in Elementor, our productivity really gets a boost. One option I found that was not in the Finder, was the Media Library. Why is it not there? I don’t know, but I reached out to Elementor on their Github page and sent a request for that to be added. Someone reached out to me with the code to add to a child theme functions.php file to allow the Media Library to be added to the Finder. 

NEEDED: Elementor Hello Child Theme  on Github.


Elementor Finder

(Hover over the code block below and use the COPY button in the top right corner)

Once the code is saved at the bottom of the child theme’s functions.php file, you should see it show up in the finder:

// Add Media Library to Elementor Finder
// Place this code at the bottom of the child theme functions.php file
add_filter( 'elementor/finder/categories', function( $categories ) {
	$categories['settings']['items']['wp-media'] = [
		'title' => __( 'Media', 'text-domain' ),
		'icon' => 'image',
		'url' => admin_url( 'upload.php' ),
		'keywords' => [ 'media', 'upload', 'images' ],
	return $categories;
} );